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What: 2018 Miami Celebrity Domino Night
Where: Miami Florida
When: 06/16/2018
Time: 7:30 pm

The Miami Celebrity Domino Night has been Miami's most popular fundraiser since 2005. This event features live music, dancing, silent auction and of course, domino playing. For more information or sponsorship opportunities contact Amigos For Kids at 305-279-1155.

What: Cafecito Entre Padres/Cafecito Con Amigos
When: 07/05/2018
About:   Cafecito entre padres Cafecito Entre Padres is an open group of residents who have completed the Amigos Strengthening Families and Communities Nurturing Parenting Program with their families. The parents share in structured activities supported by Amigos For Kids and their sponsors. Activities include learning information sessions, community fairs, listening to guest speakers, child abuse prevention activities at different community locations, etc.   Cafecito entre amigos Cafecito Con Amigos is a group of resident “leaders” that meet for strategizing and planning activities, as well as for training and capacity building to enhance their personal and other skills. They have grown in number to reach out to other parents/residents of the Little Havana community, to inform them of pertinent issues such as emotional well-being, behavioral health services, health and wellness prevention, key facts of community safety, food drives, gift distributions during the holidays, etc. with flyers and concrete information about events. Examples of activities include coordinated participation in community fairs/events in collaboration with the service providers in the community. The goal is to inform the residents of community, creating awareness  about what activities and services are in Little Havana so that there is greater community participation. These Cafecito Con Amigos participants may provide information to other community residents to inform them of activities and services and suggest appropriate sources where providers of services are found if there is an identified need. All Cafecito participants are volunteers.  The goal is to provide information/create awareness, promoting a sense of community to build protective factors and better engage the community to get involved in what their families need.  The model is based on the Center for the Study of Social Policy’s Parent Café models, and the ultimate goal is to directly engage parents/residents in building the protective factors needed in communities to promote healthy outcomes.