Amigos For Kids®, Inc.

President & CEO’s Corner

Throughout our lives, if we’re incredibly fortunate, we recognize a role and mission from which we cannot turn away.

A passion that drives us to ensure our purpose will be fulfilled. I’m humbled and privileged to work every day towards helping make the lives of children brighter and safer.

Thanks to the work and effort of so many, the foundation was solidly laid, allowing the growth and new accomplishments of the recent past.

Among recent achievements:

  • The Children’s Trust Program of the Year 2015 – Amigos Strengthens Families & Communities Program is one of the recipients of this honor.

  • Amigos Strengthens Families & Communities Program funded by the Children’s Trust introduced the national best practice, Nurturing Parents curriculum, reaching hundreds of children and parents. Its message: positive parenting, child wellness, abuse prevention empathy and the tools for parents to build children’s self esteem and enhance family communication.

  • Amigos – José Martí After School Program started with 60 children on 2004 and for the 2015-2016 school year, we have over 100 enrolled.

  • Amigos Blue Ribbon efforts and its There’s No Excuse For Child Abuse!® campaign reaches more than 2,500 elementary school children and distributes over 300,000 abuse prevention brochures annually.

  • Cafecito Entre Padres, with the participation of volunteer parents, is an advocacy component of the Amigos’ mission that was introduced in 2014.

  • Amigos Back To School Drive reached more than 1,200 children in August 2015.

  • As always, our traditional Amigos Holiday Toy Drive, reaching thousands of children every year, each one of them getting their specific wishes fulfilled.

We all have a role in the safety and well-being of children, and it’s up to each one of us to make that commitment. How can we do this? From volunteers to donors – each hour, each donation can and does make a difference.

We’re counting on each of you reading this to help us continue spreading the message of abuse prevention to educate parents, children and the community and, ultimately, to help end the tragic and painful cycle of abuse. Silence is a form of consent. Let’s raise our voices and never be silenced in support of our most precious resource – children.

Rosa Maria Plasencia
President & CEO